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Premio Nobel de la Paz para la Bici




#La bici es el medio de transporte más democrático

The bicycle is the the most democratic means of transport available to humanity

It allows everyone to get around, rich and poor. It reduces social differences.


#La bici no causa guerras

The bicycle doesn’t cause wars

It reduces the need for oil and conflicts are often fought over oil.


#La bici transforma el modelo de urbanismo

The bicycle changes the model of development

Each kilometre pedalled generates a benefit to society of 0.16 of a euro, while each kilometre travelled in a car causes a cost of 0.10 of a euro (source:  Copenhagen Bicycle Account).


#La bici es segura, apenas causa accidentes de tráfico

The bicycle causes fewer road traffic casualties

More than a million people worldwide die each year in road traffic incidents caused by motorised traffic. Bicycles rarely kill.


#La bici no contamina

The bicycle does not pollute

It saves people from the risk of diseases and health systems from the costs of care, and helps people stay healthy.


#La bici ha sido un instrumento de liberación y resistencia

The bicycle has been an instrument for liberation and resistance in many countries

In Italy, during the Second World War, it was the means of  transport favoured by partisan couriers. Gino Bartali transported counterfeit documents on his bike which saved the lives of 800 Jews persecuted by the Nazis and Fascists.


#La bici es un instrumento de desarrollo en la infancia

The bicycle is an instrument of growth in childhood

It makes children autonomous and independent.


#La bici reduce la distancia entre la gente

The bicycle reduces distances between people

Those who travel by bike are welcomed favourably everywhere; the bicycle is a mode of transport which communicates respect and brings people and cultures together.


Nos sumamos a la petición de otorgar el premio nobel de la paz a la Bici

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